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'Material' MATTERS – Printed in PC Fab December 2001

Blind Microvias Technology by Laser - Presented at NEPCON West '99

Optimizing BGA to PCB Interconnections Using Multi-depth Laser Drilled Blind Via-in-Pad - Presented at Surface Mount International 1998 and reprinted in Circuit World

Defining the Production Role of Laser Technology in PCB Fabrication into the Millennium - Presented at European Printed Circuit Convention in Wiesbaden, Germany, 30 September 1998 and reprinted in PC FAB Jan. 1999

Multi-Depth Laser Drilled Blind Vias for Increased Circuit Density - Presented at European Joint Conference 1998 in Paris, France

Designing and Fabricating Multi-Depth Via-in-Pad PCB's: Production - Presented at IPC Expo '98 and reprinted in Future Circuits, Issue 3

Creare fori ciechi a diverse profondità in ambito produttivo - Presented at the Italian European Printed Circuit meeting in Genoa, Italy ~ March 1998 PLEASE NOTE : THIS PAPER IS IN ITALIAN!

Putting Blind Vias in SMD Pads: "Where they Belong" - Presented at Surface Mount International 1997

Introducing Via-in-Pad Blind Via Technology to Any PCB Multilayer Fabricator - Presented at IPC Expo '97 and reprinted in Printed Circuit Europe ~ Nov/Dec 1997

Multi-depth Blind Vias in Surface Mount Pads for BGA, µBGA, QFP and CSP - Presented at IPC National Conference: Solutions for Ultra High Density PWB's 1996